Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today’s Friday Flash Fiction post is my take on the photo prompt provided by Madison Woods. Visit her website  and find links to other Friday Flash Fiction stories from authors around the globe.  Please post the link to your story with your comment.
Detective Whitfield fanned out the tiny packets on the conference room table.
“These are the calling cards of the Hard Candy Killer. The homicides are committed on holidays. Each kill is marked with a half-eaten candy in a color or flavor relating to that particular holiday. St. Patrick’s Day is in two weeks. Keep a sharp eye for suspicious characters with green Lifesavers, mints, or clover-shaped cough drops.”
“Sooner or later these guys always screw up,” said Sergeant Doss.
“Remember the Soft Candy Killer?
We never would have caught him if he hadn’t bought Ex-lax by mistake.”


  1. Russell, once again, you've turned a dark tale into something funny at the end. Love it!

  2. This made me laugh, quite ingenious. :)

    A different take on the photo. I thought they were boiled sweets too, and if I hadn't passed the cursor over them, (seeing the word jewels) I might have written along similar lines. Pretty much like I did last week, when I didn't realise the picture was of bones. Duh! I'll get the hang of this soon.

  3. LOL Great story. That's exactly what the baggies suggest! Thanks for the laugh, Russell. :)

    Here's a fiction piece I wrote not related to Madison's photo, but you're welcome to comment.

  4. Ha Ha! What a great story. I'd love to know how you came up with that one. So interesting how the mind works!

    Here's mine:

  5. When you started, I was expecting a cop show scene, but you gave me a comedy punch line and I loved it. Little phrases like "the hard candy killer" are just hilarious and that is all there is to it! but the exlax made it perfect!
    I am here:

  6. Hilarious--LOVED it!


  7. Hi neighbor,
    I don't have much faith in these detectives catching this killer, unless someone shows up at the dentist with a cracked tooth, or at the doctor with diabetes. Funny stuff!
    Here's mine:

  8. Funny.

  9. OMG...Ha! Ha! What a surprise! Great punch line. A wallop of a chuckle. Nice relief after reading so many (but wonderful) gloomy stories. Kudos to you. Here's mine -

  10. Dear Russell,

    You're on the mark again. I'm still laughing. That's two weeks in a row. Maybe the Hard Cand Killer will have to pass a kidney stone.



  11. That was an interesting take. Loved the ending!

    1. Thanks, Ted. I tried going to your story, but Wordpress said the blog had been taken down