Friday, October 21, 2011

Twu Woemance

Max blew a deep, warm breath into a cupped hand and buffed the marble against his flannel shirt. This was his most prized possession, a gift passed down from Grandpa Wilson. It wasn’t really a marble at all, just a perfectly round stone embedded with tiny crystals and multi-colored swirls of turquoise and corral. Grandmother said it held magical powers.  
Max found Cecelia under their favorite tree, where he’d carved their initials inside a heart last week.
“I have something for you,” he whispered, placing his hand in hers.
She opened her palm. “Oh great, a freakin’ rock. How woemantic.”


  1. People have just gotta learn to receive better! I could feel her disdain, though. Nicely done, Russell.

  2. Aawww, if she couldn't see the awesome in that gift, she's not the right girl anyway. I felt sorry for him, but it still made me laugh.

  3. Oh nooo... that's not very nice. He should take it back.

  4. How sweet. :) The rock sounds really lovely. I don't see how Cecelia couldn't have liked it! Dismayed as she may be.

    (Funny, you and I had character with the same names this week! Only I spelled mine "Cecilia". :D)

  5. Baaahhaahaa!! I wuved it!! I do feel sorry for Max though, but Cecelia's response was surprising - and funny. I actually felt her disappointment -
    and now I feel Max's... Very nice story.

  6. Russel,

    Here's the best compliment I know of for any writer. You made me laugh!

    Very, very nice. Thanks.


  7. hehehehehehehe! This story gave me the gigglesnorts. What fun!

  8. Max! Take it back! Fun, wuv, Robin