Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by.

For two years, friends have been telling me I should start a blog. Overcoming laziness and procrastination is never easy, especially when you hold a master’s degree in both fields of study.
I’m a visual learner who requires personal instruction to become mediocre at performing simple tasks (no, I’m not from Missouri). For example, Connie has spent thirty-six years trying to teach me how to use a broom and mop. I still haven’t mastered it and probably never will. Yet, I admire her patience and persistence when dealing with a cleaning challenged individual.
One thing I want to make clear from the start—this is an interactive blog. Don’t expect to sit there all comfy and relaxed while I do all the work. My job here is to provide thought provoking topics and pose serious questions whereby the entire readership, working as a team, can solve the mysteries of the universe.
Be prepared to respond when I attack you with hard-hitting questions such as;
  • What did you have for breakfast?
  • Ginger or Mary Ann?
  • Is that a booger hanging out of your nose?
I want to hear about that cousin who ain’t quite right. You know the one.
Tell me something he/she did that was so stupid or funny you laughed until tears rolled down your cheeks.


  1. Eggs

    The Professor

    No, it's only hairs

    Great job Russell!

  2. Congrats on successfully starting your blog. Jumping in and just doing it is the hardest part.


    Ginger! LE-GEN-DARY

    Probably, wouldn’t be the first time

  3. Great first post and welcome to the world of blogging!

    Cheerios with strawberries, rye toast and lots of coffee

    Ginger, of course!

    I hope not!

    And my cousin kissed my boyfriend! I still love her.

  4. Coffee
    Mary Ann--she was a baker
    I live in Booger County, but don't allow them to hang out of my nose.

    Stupid cousin...well, you might be a redneck if your cousin met his wife while coon hunting.

  5. Just as I suspected. You're insane.
    My replies: Bran muffin soaked in real butter and tea; Gilligan, such a cute little duffer; I thought I wiped that off.

    No trespassing, survivors will be prosecuted.

  6. Yay, Russell!! Will have to answer the other questions when I'm not on my iPhone, because I'm laughing so hard in can't see through my tears. :) Good job!

  7. Finally getting a chance to stop in and see your new blog :)

    Hmmmm. Coffee first and maybe breakfast later. I can't remember the other questions because the coffee hasn't done it's work yet apparently.

    Now lets see if Blogger will let my comment linger...

  8. This is fun!
    Chocolate cupcake (Thorin was at school already)
    The whole island grew were a bunch of lookers!
    No boogers, just a bit of left over chocolate.