Thursday, January 19, 2012


Today’s post is inspired by the weekly photo prompt—provided this week by Susie Lindau. Be sure and visit her web site to enjoy her 100 word Flash Friday story. Read the comments and follow the links to other stories ranging from excellent to sublime.

The Adventures of Lard Boy
The main concourse appeared three stories above where he now stood. Droplets of sweat crawled behind his mask and stung his eyes.

Time was running out.
Moments before, his arch enemy, Skinny Craig, had texted a photo of Donut, Lard Boy’s sidekick, bound and dangling above a boiling cauldron of decaffeinated coffee—devoid of cream and sugar.

He strained to catch his breath beneath a sweat-soaked cape.
Where was the elevator?
Visions of poor Donut, bobbing in scalding coffee seared his mind.
He would have to take the stairs.
Ravenous pangs gnawed at his stomach. “Better have a snack first.”


  1. Your introduction is lovely. Thanks!
    This I love!! It reads like a cartoon. I want more of these...

  2. Hilarious! You really have a knack for writing humour — not easily done. The little things are terrific, like the vat of coffee devoid of cream and sugar, surely the idea of torture to Lard Boy! Most enjoyable.

  3. Uh-oh. I'd better hide Donut before Lard Boy finds me. :) Good imagery, fantastic character names. A pleasure and a smile, as usual!

  4. this made me laugh out loud - perfect "cartoon" story as Susie suggested!

  5. Very funny. Wishing the best for Lard Boy after his snack. Insulting to be scalded with hot coffee without cream or sugar. But these superhero villains just don't have good social skills. I always thought those capes must be hot. Great job. I saw this as an air terminal also, but went in the opposite direction.
    Here's mine: http://bridges are for

  6. made me laugh. I could visualize poor Lard Boy agonizing about Donut. Now I want a donut. Thanks for posting.

    ~Susan (

  7. You are so funny! Love the name Lard Boy. Haha check out my entry at

  8. Dear Russell,

    Did you write that one before breakfast?

    Very mouth watering flight of fancy.



    1. Come to think of it, I did. But no matter, Lard Boy is always hungry.

      This just in . . . the police have issued an APB for Donut.