Friday, January 6, 2012

Today’s post is a poem I wrote several years ago. It seemed to fit well with the photo prompt, provided by Madison Woods for our weekly 100 word #Flash Friday fun. Be sure and visit her blog each Friday to enjoy her story and find links in the comments to other stories ranging from excellent to sublime.
-a modern parable-

Outside the wind gently whispers
Darkness falls across the frozen snow
A lonely redbird is softly singing
Fluffing his feathers against the cold

“Come down, come down,” a voice is calling
“You need not be alone.
Take my hand and warm your body.
Touch my heart and feel at home.”

Cautiously, he drew closer
Stopping just beyond her door
She knelt and reached out to him
But the tiny bird had flown

He didn’t know that he had hurt her
She was only trying to be kind
But how was the bird to realize
That the little girl was blind


  1. This is really lovely.

  2. That was so sweet Russell :) The poem did go wonderfully with the photo, too.

  3. Praise for your poem, Russell. It's a daunting art form and usually exposes amateurs without pity. You need not worry on that account. The tone was perfect, the pacing spot on and the story's ending poignant. Well done.