Friday, December 9, 2011

Burnt Offerings

Today’s post is inspired by the weekly photo prompt provided by Madison Woods. Be sure and visit her blog each Friday to enjoy her 100 word #Flash Friday story. Read the comments and follow the links to other stories ranging from excellent to sublime.

Byron had heard people talk about smoking meat his whole life. From what he gathered, a person could smoke beef, pork, chicken, fish, or even cheese. The old timers even built little log huts dedicated solely to that purpose.
The very idea of smoking meat teased and captivated his imagination. How would it taste? Would it be as enjoyable and satisfying as his friends had said? Byron couldn’t wait to find out.
His attempts using papers proved futile. The meat kept falling out. Pipes wouldn’t stay lit. Then he saw the ceramic heater.

“Dude, wanna a hit of bacon?”


  1. Haha! Very funny, as usual. He'll get a laugh at this, I'm sure.

  2. Love it! I'll take a hit!

  3. LOL! Well done, Russell! Almost fell out of my chair. :D

  4. I thought this read as something that could really happen.I think you captured his age well too. I liked it.

  5. Dear Russell,

    This week's photo prompt really made for some interesting stories. Several had me chuckling, one other laughing outright. Adding your to that last category now. Had no idea where you were going until I read the line, 'His attempts using papers proved futile.' When I finished I was laughing out loud.

    Wonderful, and hey, don't bogart that heater, my friend...



  6. Ha! I hadn't heard the word bogart in long time. It sure brings back memories--or flashbacks--I can't remember which.