Friday, December 2, 2011

Where’s Waldo

Today’s post is inspired by the photo below, provided by Madison Woods. Be sure and visit her blog each Friday to enjoy her 100 word #Flash Friday story. Read the comments and follow the links to other stories ranging from excellent to sublime.
In today’s episode, Clem and Lester are enjoying the beautiful fall foliage.
Let’s listen in . . .

“You see that orange leaf up there?”
“Which one? There’s thousands of orange leaves up there.”
“That one right there. The one with the funny shape. Kinda looks like a heart, but with a notch tore out of the bottom.”
“I still don’t see it. What’s it located next to?”
“It’s right between them other two orange leaves, about half-way out that limb.”
“Has it got black spots on it, and a short stubby stem?”
“Yeah! Do you see it now?”
“Right there! It’s the one wigglin’ in the breeze?”
“That’s not a leaf, you idiot. That’s a butterfly!”


  1. Ah, Russell,

    I needed to laugh this morning. Thank you for the release.

    Still smiling,


  2. Ah, I can tell the first speaker is a real nature lover. Butterfly! :D Well done, Russell. LOL

  3. Russell, you and your stories always make me smile!

  4. Thanks for the kind remarks, Doug, Siobhan, and Jan. I love it when people smile.

    Madison really challenges me with some of these photo prompts. That's what makes it fun :)

  5. Another great slice of conversation - you guys are so good at that! "What's it located next to?", I was grinning throughout, but that really got me.

  6. That's so realistic, it could have happened right there under that tree the day I took the photo, LOL. Great story :)

  7. That is absolutely hilarious, Russell.